Lovely Rita, Meter Maid

This is Rita Meter Maid but it doesn’t really matter what anyone calls her because she won’t come.  Rita is terrified.  Her human family moved away and left her living under the deck of their abandoned house.  She gave birth to four kittens under that deck.  They were all rescued by R.A.I.N.* and are currently living in an unused bathroom at a local church.  Volunteers visit the Rita and her kittens every day and people often will take kittens wrapped in blankets to hold while they work or attend meetings.    

Rita is rarely handled because she hisses and spits when people approach her.  Some of the more experienced volunteers will wear leather gloves to pick up Rita and wrap her in a blanket.  Once she is wrapped securely, she will allow people to touch and pet her but she is still very afraid.   

Her kittens (names: Raquel “Rocky”, Desmond, Prudence, Bungalo Bill) are all weaned but they are still with Rita and she is teaching them to be afraid of the volunteers.  The kittens hide and cower behind their mom and won’t play with cat toys if people are around.  They play and eat during the hours that the church is empty and quiet. 

We really need to find a foster home for Rita where she can learn to trust humans again.  We are hoping that without her kittens to protect, Rita would relax and be more friendly, but I wouldn’t expect her to become a lap cat.  She is definitely a special needs cat who could use a quiet place to live without her kittens.  She would do well in a home where she could be an only pet or have a private place to relax, away from chaos or other pets. 

She will be spayed on October 6th and has all her shots. If you are somewhat local to the Tacoma area and have a quiet home where a scared cat could live for a while and learn to trust people, please ask me to contact you in the comment section.  

We have an abundance of cats and kittens available for adoption and people tend to choose a cat when they have an emotional connection.  A terrified cat who hisses at people who look at her won’t be adopted.  She needs to learn trust before we can find her a forever home.   

*R.A.I.N – Rescued Animals In Need is a group, local to Seattle and Tacoma, that is unaffiliated with other groups by the same name.  We find foster homes and adoptive homes for homeless cats and kittens.  We also have cats and kittens ready for adoption that can be visited at  All cats and kittens have received shots, are wormed and  have been altered before they are available for adoption.

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