Occupy whatever the hell you want!

All my favorite blogs are dominated by posts for or against OWS (occupy wall street) and I’ve been missing newsy liberal posts  in the posts for/against the whole OWS thing.  For the record, I’d love (LOVE) to see some bankers in orange or at least charged/tried for the fraud that led to the meltdown in the economy.  I’d settle for breaking up the large, un-auditable banks into smaller, more oversight friendly banks and financial institutions.  I’d love to see OWS improve the focus on the part of our elected officials to help people find jobs and afford healthcare.

But, to be honest, I’m not feeling it.

It seems like everyone has a different idea about OWS is based on what they need.  While I can appreciate those positions, there doesn’t seem to be enough criticism of our government from OWS.  The government has allowed the needs of the banks needs to trump the needs of everyone else  and they have actually contributed to making banks even bigger when they were too big to fail to start with.   The government has also given only lip service (at best) to the unemployed and underemployed while mandating a health insurance bailout and austerity for individuals.  All the while our courts have been giving corporations a voice commiserate to the money they can spend in political speech and life.

I would be more on board with OWS if they were actually trying to change the legislation that allows the corruption or chooses not to prosecute it.

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