The Super Committee Failure -or- Why Can’t Americans learn to Love Austerity?

Since “increasing” taxes is off the table and so is letting tax cuts expire, we will be asked to believe token cuts of sacred military programs are part of a larger national “coming together”.  Nice how they were totally on board with dropping the “Making Work Pay” tax credit, in effect increasing taxes for the lowest paid in the economy during the last round of budget negotiations.

Here are my old posts from January outlining the playbook for this shell game that is all about how to make the lower and middle class LOVE austerity or at least believe corporations shouldn’t pay tax at all because they are “job creators” – in India & China.

Here’s how Military spending will offered up for cuts to give us a “sense” of “shared sacrifice”. My posts are from January, but I can see this playing out now since these things operate at the speed of government:

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