Santa Visit at The Pet Market

I’m catching a cold, so I really didn’t want to do anything today.  Unfortunately, I had made a reservation to have a Santa picture done with Izzy the dog, Kiki and Apple the cats and the girl.

Now won’t that be cute?

First, I had some trouble getting motivated to move, let alone take a shower.

I also lacked the energy required to repeat the reminders to the girl that she get dressed in matching clothes, brush her teeth and hair and maybe wash her face.  The moment I ask if she has her coat, she runs into my bedroom with a hairbrush asking for help.  She is wearing a black sweater with pink t-shirt sleeves (I think it may have been a sweater-dress a couple years ago) and white shorts with big blue and orange flowers.  I realize my description does not do this ensemble justice, so I guess it will remain one of those things you had to see.  Just in case the “Santa pictures” weren’t an indicator, we do have winter weather here.  I help her brush her hair where I find a bit of gum but I think it goes nicely with the shorts.  I get the front of her hair smooth and off we run, but as we are going out of the room, I notice she has one of those poofy spots on the side of her hair from her pillow.

She decided to take a detour and put pink stretch pants on.  I might have told her those shorts would be cute FOREVER in the picture, helping her to decide to change.

I grab the three kennels and Kiki foolishly hangs around to check them out, so I grabbed her and stuffed her into the first kennel.  Easy cheesy! We still have 15 minutes before we need to see Santa!  I found Apple next, sleeping on a chair, so I scooped her up and carried her to the kennels.  I think Kiki tipped her off because she started to struggle as we approached.  I got the kennel open and was getting Apple positioned to squish in, when Izzy the dog rushed in.  Crap!  I pulled Izzy out of the kennel and by this time, Apple has become a gloopy mess of liquid cat pouring herself through my arms to escape.  She also has extended her rear claws with lethal force, so I let her go.  Meanwhile, Izzy the dog has rushed back into the kennel.

I pulled Izzy out of the kennel (we still have 12 minutes!) and put a pony tail on top of her head.  She isn’t really a dog, she’s a Yorkie, so pony tails are requisite for Santa pictures.  Izzy loves kennels, so she hops right back in.  Now we rush to the car with the two kennels filled with our most compliant pets and off we go.  I made one more attempt to catch Apple but she managed to have even more claws while being boneless – so I gave up.

We got to The Pet Market just in time for our appointment.  Izzy was terrified and started shaking uncontrollably, I had to close the kennels to keep her from hiding inside them.  Kiki acted like she owned the place and just sniffed around checking out Santa and camera equipment.  Everyone piled onto Santa’s lap and then Kiki started her boneless act, slipping through Santa’s arm.  I sneaked behind them and poked her back into Santa’s lap.  Then I ran and stood behind the photographer and called Kiki the cat (in my best squeaky cat voice) but she studiously refused to look in my direction… then the lady with the camera blew a duck call and everyone looked.


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