I started this blog to help plan a class reunion but it just sat here lonely and mostly abandoned.  I’ve come to realize I could probably put the space to better use by posting on different subjects and rather than hiding my blog from my blogger friends.

So, who am I?  I am a computer programmer who took a sabbatical a couple years ago to stay at home and do useful stuff.  Now I volunteer all over, read blogs and newspapers and still have a messy house. 

Here is a list of my views but for the most part I am pretty liberal – I’ll update this as needed:

Poverty – I’m against it.

I believe in helping the poor by feeding them when they are hungry, providing shelter when they have none and helping them to find the care for mental health, addiction or disease, a  job, and general self reliance once the first two are handled. 

Healthcare – I’m for it.

I believe all people should be able to see the doctor and get medicine they need regardless of their position in society.  I don’t believe anyone deserves to die because they didn’t work for a company that provided health insurance.

Gun Control – I’m for it – on a very limited basis

I don’t think people who have commited crimes or are mentally ill should own guns.  Anyone else, well that’s fine, have all you want.  This right is guaranteed in the second ammendment and I have no desire to see it changed.  I have plenty of friends and family who live in remote areas who might need a gun to protect themselves.  More likely, they might need to stop the suffering of a deer that jumped in front of their truck. 

Abortion – I’m for it.

I’ve never met or heard of a woman ending a pregnancy because she “felt blue”, but really, if that is the reason, what life can that child expect?  Women willing to carry a child to term and give them up for adoption are absolutely the most caring and giving people I can imagine, but I wouldn’t legislate that all women are required to do that.  Let the wonderful women with huge hearts continue to be angels for people who can’t have a baby – but don’t require it.

Environment – I’m for it.

I believe in global warming and I recycle.  I am torn about owning American built cars (jobs) and a prius…  I’d really like to know what happened to the oil in the gulf because I’m pretty sure it didn’t just go away!

Business – I’m for it

But I am also for soaking the rich.  I don’t think corporations pay their fair share.

Religion – I’m for it

I am a Christian, but I am absolutely FOR freedom of religion (or lack there of).  You can pray to whatever God(s) or Godess(es) or not – I am good with that.   I would prefer to not be judged under your view of what a Christian is/does and I will refrain from judging your choice.

Gay Marriage – I’m for it

I don’t see any reason not to allow adult people to be married regardless of the gender of the parties.  I also think any adult of sound mind who wishes to serve in the millitary should be allowed. 

Equal Rights – I’m for it

I am feminist.  I believe I should be paid the same as equally qualified (and productive) men.  I don’t believe women should be restricted from combat or other jobs based strictly on gender.


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