How to post links and format comments

Before I get into “how to add links”, I want to be sure to cover the most important “how to add smileys”.  Luckily, WordPress has written it better than I ever could, so here is the link:

To create links in your post, you will need to add HTML tags.  If you don’t use the HTML tags, your post will end up in the spam filter.  This is a bad thing. 

Here are the basic tags you can use:

<b> text </b>  for bold

<i> text </i> for italic

How to create a link to another website:

<a href=””&gt; what you want the link called </a>

To make things simple, you can copy the HTML text from here and then type over the  with the website you want to add to your post.  You can type any short descriptive name replacing the what you want the link called part of the text.  This will work almost like magic – I hope.  Let me know if I can make this easier or if you know of any other tags that might be nice to include here.


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